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Different Types of Hearing Aids

Amplifon offers a wide range of choices when it comes to hearing aid devices. All the devices are equipped with the latest technology and designed to suit the modern lifestyle of people. Our solutions are high performing and affordable and now it’s your turn to let us serve you.

The latest development in hearing aid devices come in three main cosmetic types and include ‘invisible’, ‘in the ear’ and ‘behind the ear’ devices. All of these come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. The most important factor, however, in trying to determine the right product is the compatibility of the device with the results of your hearing test. Other factors to consider are your lifestyle, you degree of need for discreteness, and your preferred level of dexterity. Based on these key factors, our audiologists help you determine the right kind of equipment. You should be confident about wearing hearing aids and thus choosing the right device is of paramount importance. Amplifon products are personalized and the prices that we quote are for the features that you would like to go for. You may choose any color, size or style of hearing aid and the price wouldn’t worry you.

We have a wide range of hearing aid devices from various manufacturers and we have further grouped them into five different categories for different types of lifestyles. Even the most minimal priced product accompanies the latest technology and will be perfect for any type of hearing loss. From discreet fitting to all types of traditional styles, we offer you everything. The entire range is aimed at providing the most flexible and personalized solution for individual lifestyle.
They could be categorized as:

•    Primary (for those who lead a quiet life).
•    Primary Plus (for those who are exposed to moderate noisy environments).
•    Mid (for those spending a considerable proportion of their time in complex noisy environments).
•    Premier (for those who spend a high proportion of their time in a noisy environment).
•    Premier Plus (for those who spend most of their time in noisy environments and use additional communication devices)

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Hearing loss is a common problem. More than 60% of people over the age of 60 suffer from some grade of hearing loss. In India, the statistics suggest 1/12th of the whole population. While not many realize they have a problem, using a hearing instrument at an early stage can help resolve many issues. Amplifon has always looked towards providing excellent client care in hearing loss diagnosis and... read more

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