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Hearing Screening Test to Measure Your Hearing Loss

Amplifon tests are easy and clean. Our expert audiologists will be able to give you a quick examination and help you realize everyday situations with respect to hearing issues. Once the problem is identified, it gets easier for both the doctor and the patient to understand the extent of the problem and the treatment procedures that need to be taken up. A hearing test will neither be painful nor too uncomfortable and the results are offered immediately. We have the latest technology in place to have a quick scan of your problem and generate reports that would help in identifying the right device for treatment.

Amplifon allows an extensive range of equipment from several manufacturers and suppliers. All of these products feature the latest development in hearing treatment technology and aim to make your life as normal as it should be. Amplifon products are discreet and come in sizes that wouldn’t strike the eye. Further, all of these products are designed to suit a range of budget, so that everyone can get treated in Amplifon clinics.

Amplifon uses the latest technology to diagnose hearing loss and defects. You would be glad to know that all the tests are done for free at Amplifon clinics. Our highly qualified audiologists are adept in using the best instruments and diagnostic procedures that suit individual needs of patients.

Amplifon aims to be one of the leading hearing care facilitators in India. Having made a strong presence in more than 50 cities and more than 130 clinics, and with more than 60 years of experience, we bring the best to the table. With a lifetime hearing care Amplifon would be your trusted companion.


amplifon hearing health clinic


Every individual demand personalized attention when it comes to hearing aid. However, the first thing would be to sit for a hearing health screening test.

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audiogram test


An audiogram is necessarily a graph that displays the results of your hearing test.

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hearing care


Learn more about the different types and causes of hearing loss including; conductive and sensorineural hearing loss and information on Tinnitus.

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hearing loss treatment


The severity of the hearing defect can be measured in several ways.

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hearing test


Our 3 minute FREE online hearing test is a quick and easy way to help you identify if you have a hearing loss.

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Do you need a sixth sense to revive your hearing

Amplifon hearing care testimonial
Mrs. Uma Rastogi
62 Years
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Mr. Chandrashekar
60 Years
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Welcome to Amplifon

Hearing loss is a common problem. More than 60% of people over the age of 60 suffer from some grade of hearing loss. In India, the statistics suggest 1/12th of the whole population. While not many realize they have a problem, using a hearing instrument at an early stage can help resolve many issues. Amplifon has always looked towards providing excellent client care in hearing loss diagnosis and... read more

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