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The severity of the hearing defect can be measured in several ways. While the main procedure involves how well a subject responds to a normal speech or whispers, the tests are segregated into mainly two categories.

The first procedure involves tests on how difficult it is for the patient to maintain constant speech intensity and secondly, it is tested whether the patient is particularly impaired at a certain frequency range. All of our clinics have modern techniques that involve producing sounds of several frequencies and pitches and thus manually detecting the problem.

Now, to ascertain the results from above tests, the audiologist measures hearing levels with earphones that measure air conduction in the ear canal and sound produced by a small vibrator placed on the head of the patient. This sound generally bypasses the middle ear and eardrum and it becomes convenient to measure the sound waves that directly hit the cochlea and the overall hearing efficiency.

The earphone produces tones of varied frequencies and each of them is tracked. Generally, it has been found that hearing loss exists for high frequency tones, but measurements are taken for all levels. The hearing loss is measured in decibels (dB HL).

After the hearing tests are complete, the results will be plotted on a graph showing the response to various frequencies that has been experimented with.

Mild hearing loss (26 – 40 dB HL)

Patients will find it difficult to hear soft sounds and undertones in noisy backgrounds

Moderate hearing loss (41 – 55 dB HL)

Difficult to follow speech with background noises

Severe hearing loss (71 – 90 dB HL)

Extremely difficult to follow conversations

Profound gearing loss (above 90 dB HL)

Hearing gets impossible without hearing aids

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