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hearing solution testimonial

you need a sixth sense to revive your hearing ?

Life takes us by surprise every day. Like 76 year old MR. CHANDRASEKHAR, who was facing hearing difficulties at a time when usually he would love to hear the chirping of birds and the gentle flutter of a passing butterfly. Reluctant to give up, he finally found a solution which brought back the complete joy of hearing. Here are the excerpts of the interview with him:
Q1. When did you realize you had hearing difficulties?
Ans. Initially, I would refuse to acknowledge that there was any problem. But gradually, I started realizing that there was something wrong, when every time I had to direct my head towards someone speaking to me.
Q2. What hearing difficulties did you face?
Ans. I could not follow people talking to me, so I would ask them to speak a little louder and clearer. I realized that my one ear was hearing better so I always preferred using that to answer the phone. I also noticed that I was watching TV at a higher volume than before.
Q3. How did you family and friends react to your hearing loss?
Ans. My family was trying to persuade me to get my hearing checked. It made me feel irritated & I used to retort by saying that I was ok. I felt exhausted and frustrated trying to focus on understanding what others were saying.
Q4. Which specialist did you visit to get your hearing checked & what was your reaction when you were diagnosed with a hearing loss?
Ans. I came to know about my hearing loss from an Audiologist. I was reluctant to go for a hearing instrument because of my old age and also because of my perception that I could somehow manage my day to day activities without a hearing aid.
Q5. Who advised you to go for a hearing instrument?
Ans. The Audiologist at Amplifon, duly supported by my family. Further during my interaction with the Audiologists, I came to know that Amplifon provides best in its class hearing care, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipments and works with highly qualified audiologists – Truly a world class standard.
Q6.What was your idea of hearing devices? Were you afraid?
Ans. I did not want to have them thinking that they would be big, cumbersome and visible to everyone. To my surprise, I got a small and a comfortable hearing solution, hardly noticeable. I had no idea there were so many varieties of hearing instruments inside the ear and outside the ear. The hearing aids have built in intelligence to adapt itself to the surrounding environment.
Q7.How does your hearing instrument help you in your daily life? Are you happy with your decision of going for it?
Ans. I am thrilled. I can now hear sound as well as understand speech very clearly. Initially it took me some time to adjust to the hearing instrument but I can’t imagine a life without them. Everything is much easier now and I am back to my normal routine.
Q8. Would you recommend other hearing impaired people to wear hearing instruments?
Ans. Definitely. Because at this age, you really wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful moments that life bestows upon you. Like, at 76, I can even hear the chuckle of my grandson or listen to my favorite devotional songs clearly. Thanks to this small device which has actually brought back smile on my face and my family’s face. I must also appreciate the personal touch, care and customized solution provided by Amplifon which completely fulfils my lifestyle requirements.

Mr. ChandrashekarAge 60) Years

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Do you need a sixth sense to revive your hearing

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hearing solution testimonial
Mr. Chandrashekar
60 Years
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