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Hearing aids, are made up of several individual parts that need regular cleaning. A dust free, wax free and moisture free hearing aid lasts longer and promises an optimal lifespan for your investment. Our experts are always ready to help you out with doubts related to the perfect maintenance of your hearing aid. Here are some points to be considered before cleaning the aid:

  • Before you start the actual cleaning of your hearing aid, make sure that your hands are dry and clean.
  • Make sure you get through the process of cleaning without dropping any of the parts. Fiddling can be quite risky.
  • You should clean it on a soft surface such that even if parts drop accidentally, no damage is incurred. This could be done on your bed or a soft cover cloth put on the table you are working on.

Your hearing aid cleaning kit should have the following equipment in place. It is good to have them ready beforehand to reduce risk of misplacing a part.

  • Wax removal pick
  • Wax removal brush
  • Battery door opener
  • Vent and tube cleaner
  • Battery replacement magnet

Device elements

  • Shell: This would be the outer plastic covering that can simply be wiped with a smooth cloth. Make sure that the microphone is not blocked by dust and wax.
  • Dome: This is a part that goes inside the ear and as a result will have a lot of pollutants deposited on it. Regular cleaning is necessary.
  • Mould: Detach the ear mould and if needed clean with soap and water. Rinse, dry and remove any traces of wax. An accessory vent cleaner or mould blower can assist you in this process.
  • Tube: Cleaning the tube requires manufacturer’s instructions as these are quite sensitive structures.
  • Vent: Twist the hole of the vent softly and press it to clean with the brush. 

If you have any queries or problems related to cleaning, do visit your nearest clinic to consult with our expert.


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