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Amplifon India 
Hearing Loss is more common than you might think. One out of twelve (1/12) persons in India has hearing loss. In fact, over 60% of people in their 60’s suffer from hearing loss and many would benefit from using a hearing instrument.
Our mission is to improve the hearing of people through excellence in client care.
Usually hearing loss is first noticed by others around you. Detecting and treating hearing loss early is a significant step towards improving the quality of your life. Hearing Care India is committed to helping you understand your hearing loss and finding the most appropriate solution for your individual needs.
Who are we?
We are the world’s largest Hearing service provider with over 3800 clinics in 18 countries.  With over 60 years of experience and state-of-the-art diagnostics and rehabilitation equipment, at Amplifon we make sure you hear your loved ones the way you did before.
Amplifon offers international quality services in hearing tests and hearing aid fittings at an affordable price.
We are now in India to provide our population the best Audio logical services available in the country. We employ a highly qualified team of professional audiologists, each with extensive experience in all areas of hearing loss, including rehabilitation, hearing loss prevention and the latest hearing instrument fitting technologies. We use the latest and state of the art audiology equipment in diagnosing hearing loss and for the fitting of hearing devices. This ensures we provide you with the most professional expertise and an excellent on-going client care program. We are 100% focused on one thing – provision of excellent audiology health care.
At Amplifon  we are proud of what we do! We believe in offering the widest choices to our clients. For this reason, we have chosen not to align ourselves to a particular hearing aid manufacturer.
Instead we believe that we have a responsibility to offer the best solution for each individual situation, hence our commitment to supplying a wide range of leading brands, each manufactured by a number of different suppliers. We are truly independent, making us quite different to many others in the industry.
What are the benefits of better hearing?
A gradual hearing loss can often make people feel isolated as they find it difficult to carry on conversations with family or friends. It can make us withdraw from social situations. Importantly, it can also increase risk both at home and in the workplace, for example, not hearing a warning alarm.
The real benefits of using hearing instruments are many. They include enhanced communication, higher self esteem, improved personal safety and enjoying some of the little things in life such as hearing the waves on a beach or the birds sing in the morning.
If you have a hearing loss, we encourage you to do something about it.
Our services
We treat hearing loss and, where appropriate, provide a range of the latest digital hearing aids to cater for every need.
Diagnostic Audiological Services (Adult):

Pure Tone
Audio logical Assessment
Speech Audiometry
Middle ear analysis using Tympanometry and Reflexometry
Hearing aid candidacy evaluation using Speech Discrimination tests
Candidacy evaluation for BAHA
NeuroVestibular/ ENG diagnostics
Rehabilitation Services (Adults):

Hearing aid selection and demonstration of effectiveness
Objective approach in hearing device fitting and fine tuning
Clinical analysis of aided and unaided benefits
Rehabilitation of Cochlear implant clients including cochlear mapping
Selection and fitting of Assistive listening devices
Hearing Services (Children)

Neonatal hearing screening using
Oto- Acoustic-Emission Tests
Pure Tone Audiometry / Conditioned Play Audiometry
Brain stem Evoked Response Audiometry
Hearing aid selection and fitting
Candidacy Evaluation for Cochlear implants
Parental Counseling
How can  Amplifon help you?
The first step is to have a free hearing check.
After this we may recommend further checks, hearing rehabilitation strategies or the use of hearing instruments.
Acquiring a hearing aid is not a decision made lightly. That’s why it’s comforting to know that you are in good hands. As our valued client, you will receive hearing instruments that perfectly match your lifestyle and budget. Where appropriate, we enable you to take a “test drive” of different technology. If you decide to go ahead, we offer trials of hearing aids and full satisfaction guarantees.
At Amplifon we are committed to improve your hearing through excellence in client care.

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