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What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss in adults is acquired from diseases like otosclerosis and meniere, tumors, head injury or the aging process. Around 90% of all cases of hearing loss are because the microscopic hair cells in the inner ear become damaged which limits their ability to detect soft and higher frequency sounds.

How common is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a common disease affecting adults. It can affect your quality of life and it’s never too late to do something about it. If you have any concerns, consult a doctor or talk to one of our qualified hearing aid audiologists who will be happy to help you.

What symptoms indicate a hearing loss?
The first sign of hearing loss is difficulty in hearing certain tones clearly. For example, you might have difficulty understanding what people next to you are saying, especially when there are competing voices. Other symptoms indicating hearing loss may be ear pain, irritation or fluid outflow from the ear.

What should you do when you realize you have a hearing problem?
If you suspect a hearing problem, visit our hearing care specialist. The technician will perform an assessment to decide the best treatment for you. It is also a good idea to have an annual hearing examination to measure your hearing health over time.

Main difficulty is when I’m at parties or in traffic noise. Why?
It is really difficult to live with a background noise discrimination problem. Nowadays, so much of our social communication takes place in noisy environments, making everyday communications a regular dilemma. This condition may be a sign of hearing loss or simply a problem of auditory discrimination.

I hear better in noisy environments. Why?
This common phenomenon is called the “Paracusis of Willis” and occurs with certain causes of hearing loss because in the presence of background sound, people tend to raise their voices. This initiates the ossicular chain of bones in the middle ear indicating a conductive hearing loss in a person.

Will my hearing worsen as I grow older?
Our hearing worsens as we grow older. Though, there is no known cause of age-related hearing loss; as it is caused by changes in the inner ear. A hearing test will establish whether you have a hearing loss and the hearing aid audiologist will then be able to make recommendations.

Are there any hearing aids to wear in my infected middle ear?
If your hearing loss is mostly confined to the middle ear, we will provide you with hearing aids that will work best by transmitting amplified sounds through the mastoid bone to the inner ear, by passing the affected middle ear. These hearing aids are most commonly designed as part of a pair of spectacles.

What's the difference between 'hearing loss' and 'deafness'?
The definition depends on how much hearing loss you have, because the symptoms may be moderate or severe. A patient with a mild hearing loss may have problems understanding speech, especially if there is a lot of noise around, while those with deafness may require the help of a hearing aid.

How long is the length of a hearing test?
A hearing test for people who want to have a regular check-up should take around 15 minutes of their time and can be conveniently organized. While people who are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss or people who wear a hearing aid, the test should take about one and half hour.

Does somebody need to attend the hearing test with me?
During your assessment your audiologist will give you a great deal of information and discuss with you the best hearing aid for your loss. We recommend somebody attends the hearing test because some people find it more comfortable to have a family member with a familiar voice assisting them.

What happens if my test results show hearing loss?
If your test results show that you are experiencing hearing loss, your audiologist will treat you with the best hearing aid possible. We have a wide choice of hearing aids suitable for a range of hearing losses and budgets in store so you can hear the difference for yourself.

What if nobody can attend an appointment with me?
It is definitely better if you attend the hearing test with your family friend or a friend. But if nobody can attend the appointment with you, you don’t have to worry. You can still attend the hearing test and we will explain the results and discuss the options with you.

Do you offer any support after purchasing hearing aids from you?
Amplifon’s free Lifetime Aftercare Program looks after your hearing aids for life. It includes a regular evaluation of your hearing, free pack of hearing aid batteries and expert help of new hearing aid technology to make sure you continue to get the most of your hearing aid products.

Reason to come to Amplifon and not another company?
Amplifon is the world's leading dedicated hearing aid specialist, offering a wide choice of hearing aids in many styles. We also provide customize hearing aids where nothing needs to be worn behind the ear. These types of hearing aids are not typically available within the NHS or any other company.

How long does it take to get my hearing aid?
After out audiologist tests your ears, he or she would suggest the best hearing aid suited for you. Normally, non- customized hearing aids take about one week while the customized ones would take upto two weeks to reach you.

How can I keep my ears healthy?

  • Never use cotton buds to clean your ears as they irritate the ear canal.
  • Don’t ignore any ear problems.
  • Wash the front of the ear and behind using a little soap.
  • Never poke anything into your ears as the lining of the ears is very delicate.

Could you come to my home? The Amplifon Group is here to help its customers. If you have a problem in reaching our centre, we offer a home visit service to all our customers where one of our highly qualified audiologists will visit you to test and assess your hearing. Although it will be on chargeable basis.

How soon could I get a hearing test appointment?
Don’t waste your time if you start experiencing hearing loss. Contact our nearest local branch and fix an appointment. We promise that you will avail of an appointment within a matter of days. In case of any other emergency, please email us or call us on our Hearing Care Help Line No (Toll Free)-1800 103 3800
Who conducts the hearing test?
Your hearing test will be carried out by our fully professional audiologist team. Our qualified audiologists have not only undergone thorough training in audiology testing ways, but also have knowledge in the interpretation of audiology hearing test results and implementation of the hearing aids, that will most effectively address hearing problems.

Why do I need an appointment for a hearing test?
If you are undergoing any hearing difficulties, it is important for you to take an appointment with one of our professional audiologists. During the test, they will be able to tell you whether the problems are due to medical reasons or simple wear and tear.

Advantages of a Hearing Aid?
The hearing aid will help you in making speech easier to understand for your ears. It will also give you the opportunity to participate more in your daily life activities and helps you in improving your quality of life by offering you the freedom to communicate in a more effective way.

Where should I store my hearing aids when they are not in my ears?
These hearing aids are very delicate to use so make sure to keep them safe. Store these hearing aids in a case provided by your audiologist or any other hard-shell case that closes to make sure they are properly protected and easy to find when you need them.

Tips for new hearing aid users?
Try to wear your hearing aids as much as possible. When you are in a noisy environment, place the person you want to hear in front of you because the hearing aids assume the nearest voice to be the priority. Secondly, make sure to place yourself as close to the speaker as possible.

Can you use the telephone while using Hearing Aids?
Yes, you definitely can. Use the speaker setting on your phone which allows you to hear the sound with both the ears. Also, if you experience whistling from your hearing aids, tilt the phone so it is not fully covering your ear.

Where can I find more information?
For more information about our hearing aid facility, feel free to contact us On Our Hearing Care Help Line No(Toll Free):1800 103 3800 (Mon-sat -10am-6pm), Sms “AMP” to 54242 or Missed Call us on 91-8552881122.

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