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10 Simple Treatments to recover from Your Hearing Loss

While hearing loss creeps up gradually over the years, it could be just weeks before you would be able to hear better again. If you realize having problems in hearing, it would be advisable to make an appointment with one of our experts. Amplifon’s audiologists come with a range of experience and can give a comprehensive report on the assessment and treatment of your problem - and all of it for absolutely free.

Here are the 10 steps to a successful procedure to hearing better:

  1. Research: Try to understand how hearing works and how digital hearing aids can help you in several ways.
  2.  Reassure: Amplifon has been recruiting the best experts and experienced professionals in all their clinics across 18 countries. This gives patients an effective way to connect with the latest efforts in hearing loss treatment technology.

  3. Recognize: If you have hearing loss symptoms, it is better to understand why it is so and how you can get treated.

  4. Book us for a test / Ask a question

  5. Attending a test: Consultation in Amplifon clinic comes with detailed reports on your history, ear examination, questionnaire on lifestyle and reference by an expert audiologist. We will make sure you understand all aspects of your problems and get back home as a more enlightened and confident individual.
  6. Discussing options: Depending on the type and degree of problems as well as based on your lifestyle requirements, our experts will suggest a range of options.

  7. Hearing aids can make the difference: check out demo classrooms on how a hearing aid can bring back the sounds back to life. You certainly would be satisfied with our products.

  8. Ordering your product: While a suitable device would be chosen depending upon your problem and your budget, you can fill out a form for the order.

  9. Visit for fitting: your new device should be ready within a couple of days and you can come back as per the appointment.

  10. Coming back to life: Experiencing the sounds that have mattered all your life is the best thing you recover after you have had a hearing problem. Our Lifetime program will be by your side all through.

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Hearing loss is a common problem. More than 60% of people over the age of 60 suffer from some grade of hearing loss. In India, the statistics suggest 1/12th of the whole population. While not many realize they have a problem, using a hearing instrument at an early stage can help resolve many issues. Amplifon has always looked towards providing excellent client care in hearing loss diagnosis and... read more

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