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The Center for Research and Studies was formed in 1971 as an independent organization for the promotion of otology and audiology. Its main goal was to conduct scientific research and come up with innovative diagnosis and treatment solutions for doctors and audiologists. Further, the organization also imparts professional training and conduct international conferences in collaboration with Italian and other foreign universities. Every year, the best professionals are awarded scholarships and prizes for their work.

In its span of last 15 years, CRS has collaborated with various top European Universities to conduct and fund research products. Some of the well known projects that have been supported by CRS include AHEAD (Advancement of Hearing Assessment Methods and Devices), GENDEAF (Genetic Deafness) and HEAR (Hereditary Deafness Epidemiology and Clinical Research).

Since 1971, CRS has been conducting conferences and courses in various countries. As of today, it has offered more than 600 courses. Each of CRS meetings attracts participants from across the globe. To benefit scholars and students, CRS has opened up one of the finest libraries concerning the study of otorhinolaryngology and audiology. We have the best international journals and critical abstracts that have made a mark in this field of medical studies.

The years of hard work, promise and determination haven’t gone unnoticed. CRS has been recognizing illustrious scholars who have contributed greatly in the field of otology and audiology. Every year, the International CRS Prize has been the main event for professionals in this field. The prizes include one for the Best Italian Specialization Thesis in ENT, Audiology and Phoniatrics and three prizes for Best Italian Thesis in Speech Therapy.

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Hearing loss is a common problem. More than 60% of people over the age of 60 suffer from some grade of hearing loss. In India, the statistics suggest 1/12th of the whole population. While not many realize they have a problem, using a hearing instrument at an early stage can help resolve many issues. Amplifon has always looked towards providing excellent client care in hearing loss diagnosis and... read more

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